Week number 2 has come and gone and I have to admin that I am struggling a bit.  I had one scene that was giving me fits on how to write it.  So, in trying to envision how that scene would go, I burned through two days without penning a word on the story.  Bad Todd!  No biscuit!

That being said, it is now a catch-up act for this week to get back my lead because I know from experience how things are going to go during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Usually, not well as I’m spend most of it stuffed to the gills with food.  I also blame those natural sedatives that are rumored to reside in the most glorious item of the Thanksgiving Feast: the turkey!

These are just excuses and I just need to grit my teeth and fight through the fog of food and tryptophan and crank out my words.  So, wish me luck as I try desperately try to be at least 2,000 words ahead of the daily goals before the holiday.